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Ceramic plate - 28.5 cm. (11") - 1 piece - Ubeda - Andalusia (Spain) -

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Plate 28.5 cm. (11") in diameter.

It comes prepared to hang directly from the wall or you can also use it for centerpiece.

Unique piece!

All this ceramic is prepared for use both outdoors and indoors as it is high-cooking ceramic (1150 oC).

"Tito" is one of the most prestigious names in Spain, he has even been recognized as the best craftsman in Spain in 2006. He comes from a town called Ubeda from the province of Jaén, in Andalusia

Basically he makes by hand these reproductions of traditional Andalusian ceramics, in other way popular ceramics, which was used in the field for many centuries.

Plato Tito 27rpg-h