Plate "Tortilla" ref.127-25-v


Plate "Tortilla" ref.127-25 - Style "Green/Colour" - 1 piece - 25 cm. (10") - Toledo (Spain) -

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Plate to turn the "Spanish tortilla" of 25 cm. (10") in diameter.

A piece is sent randomly.

We have a wide variety of designs...

The ceramic is hand-painted so no two dishes are exactly the same.

**This is an example of some of the designs we have, the piece that will be sent will correspond to the color, but the design in the drawing of each plate varies since they are painted by hand and will not be exactly the same as those of the image but if as similar as possible.

**All pieces are microwave and dishwasher approved; lead-free.**

"De la Cal Barreira", they are recognized as one of the most prestigious families of ceramicists in Spain. For many generations they have been making the best usable ceramics in Spain.

A few years ago the family was divided into two parts, a part consists of Ana Belén and Miguel Angel, who is a very prestigious ceramic painter, especially in murals. The other part is made up of Belen. Basically it does the same thing, but little by little over time, each part of the family is developing its own personality and style.

Plato "Tortilla" ref.127-25-v