Stoneware mug 10,5 cm. (4 in.) - ref.305-11-tint


Stoneware "mug" ref.305-11 - Decoration "-Ink" - 1 piece - 10,5 cm. (4 in.) - Cordoba - Andalucia (Spain) -

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Stoneware "mug"

Sizes: Height 10,5cm. (4 in.) ; Mouth 9 cm. (3.5 in.)

We have variety of designs...

The pieces are hand-painted so no two mugs are exactly the same.

The design of each can vary very little from piece to piece, as you can see in the photos.

**All pieces are microwave and dishwasher approved; lead-free.**

This pottery comes from the province of Cordoba in Andalusia. It is made in a town called "La Rambla", but it has nothing to do with what is normally done there.

This is Stoneware , which is much harder than normal ceramics. In fact, it is for professional use, for restaurants and places where it is used frequently and in adverse conditions.

These pieces can go into the oven, microwave and dishwasher without any problem; never cracks or splinters, is very durable and resistant.

Taza de cerámica ref.305-11-tint